Rhapsody for Nine Instruments (English, Deutsch, Francais)

| January 16, 2009

For those of you who are interested in a larger ensemble work of mine, I would like to suggest you take a look at “Rhapsody” for nine Instruments which was composed in 2001. The instrumentation for this 13- minute fantasy piece is flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello and contrabass. There is a […]

Six Lives of Jack McBride and Quarter-After-Four

| January 2, 2009

I would like to make an advertisement for two of my best works, “Six Lives of Jack McBride” for horn, tenor, violin and piano and “Quarter-After-Four” for horn, violin and piano. “SIX LIVES OF JACK MCBRIDE” was commissioned by Charles Putnam and the IHS Meir Rimon Foundation. It was premiered in 1994 at a recital […]