Repertoire for 2 AHQ Tours

| February 10, 2009

From March 7th until March 22nd, I will be on the road with those grumpy old men from the American Horn Quartet. We shall be performing and coaching in five different locations in the US: Commerce and Mt. Vernon, Texas, U. T. at Austin, the IHS Northwest Horn Workshop in Ithaca, NY, Columbia, South Carolina […]

Fantastic Revue for the "Rotterdam Chamber Players" CD!

| February 2, 2009

Plausible Interest Chamber music by Kerry Turner – reviewed by PATRIC STANDFORD ‘… accessible, neatly made, technically challenging …’ Kerry Turner is a Texan by birth, a native of San Antonio, but for the last twenty years has been resident in Luxembourg where he is a member of the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, a notable French […]