AHQ Perform at the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival

Posted By on August 26, 2008

The members of the horn jury along with the AHQ and significant others enjoying a Korean feast in JejuIt was certainly an interesting place to hold a brass festival and an international competition. If you are not sure where the devil Jeju Island is, don`t feel bad. Most of us had never heard of it either, until recently that is. In fact, Jeju is a special self-governing province of South Korea, and indeed, that is how it is officially called. Apparently, this was the 13th such brass festival to have taken place here. Not only were bands from around the globe invited to perform at the various concert venues around the island, but several prestigious brass ensembles as well, including the American Horn Quartet. And that is how I wound up spending over a week on this obscure little island, playing horn quartets to clapping audiences. Oh, there was also an international competition going on at the same time. The categories were for trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba and brass quintet. I have to say, the standard was pretty high. Those most curious lads of the AHQ along with my eccentric self were designated jurors for the horn competition. Please go to the website of the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival (www.jiwef.org) to learn more about it as well as to read about the winners of the competition.

There was plenty of time to do some exploration of the island and I was happily able to sort of combine business with holiday pleasure. The AHQ performed the a-minor Fugue of J. S. Bach, Intuitions by Machala, the Suite from “West Side Story” and the “Casbah of Tetouan” with guest hornist, Kristina Mascher on two of the concerts, and we added the first movement of my Quartet Nr. 3- The Sooners”- for the last one, along with four Fripperies by Lowell Shaw.AHQ performing at the Jeju Seaside Arts Center

Following the eight days on jeju Island, Kristina and I began our adventure vacation in earnest as we took off for Seoul where we spent 4 days. Geof, Charlie, Kerry, Sherry, and Kristina made up the American Horn Quartet contingent at the Jeju Festival parade.

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