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Posted By on August 7, 2008

Well, here I am, back home in Luxembourg. It has been kind of a hectic tour. I left for Amsterdam on July 9th where Kristina and I performed with the Luxembourg Philharmonic in one of Europe’s most famous concert halls, the Concertgebouw. Immediately following these 2 concerts, we boarded a plane for New York, where we spent a week or so on vacation. The IHS International Horn Symposium in Denver, Colorado was the next port of call. The AHQ was to perform my own “Introduction and Main Event” for 4 horns and concert band with the Hong Kong Academy Wind Ensemble.The AHQ performed my “Introduction and Main Event” with the Hong Kong Academy Wind Ensemble at the IHS symposium in Denver, conducted by Joe Kirtley. This concert went off splendidly and we all continued on to Daytona Beach, Florida for the 2nd Annual AHQ Horn Camp. Although the turn-out was a bit on the small side, it was nevertheless a very enjoyable week and we played with and taught some fine highschool and college age horn players (and one or two more mature ones as well). Popping back up to New York, we hung out three more days where we met up with Heather and Leon Ni (of the “Ni Ensemble”) in China Town, and attended a thrilling performance of the Hubbard Street Dance Company at the Joyce Theater. This is an absolutely inspiring and world class modern dance troop.

So what’s next? The AHQ (and Kristina as guest artist) is due to play three concerts at the Jeju Wind Festival on the island of Jeju, South Korea. We have our “e-tickets” and we are supposed to depart of Sunday, August 10th out of Frankfurt. So back we flew across the pond to good old Luxembourg, where things seem to have come to a stand still for the summer holidays. We have two and a half days to repack, do laundry, practice, rest up and get ourselves to the Frankfurt airport.

In the meantime, I am still checking my e-mails and trying to answer them. Stay tuned for more developments.The AHQ poses in front of a sunset at Daytona Beach, FL.

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