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Posted By on November 14, 2009

It has been a while since I have written anything on this blog space. For those of you who check my blogs regularly, I apologize. I am in the process of changing my webmaster. Suffice it to say, things weren’t working out so well with the original one. Plus, I have been terribly busy. And I use the word “terribly” because I am not yet convinced that it is good to be this busy!

Anyway, a few months ago, I had written a tentative schedule of projects for this season (2009-2010) in a blog. I had also indicated that things were probably going to change somewhat, and that certainly other projects were going to be added. And this has most definitely taken place.

THE VIRTUOSO HORN DUO AND FRIENDS U.S. TOUR was a huge success. The hosts were all very gracious and perfectly organized. The students whom we coached were well prepared and enthusiastic. And Kristina, Kyle and Laurie- my esteemed colleagues on this tour- all played gloriously every night! Thanks to all who were involved in this project.

Upon arrival, I was thrust back into the stormy life I lead, trying to balance what are basically three different jobs: Luxembourg Philharmonic, Chamber music (American Horn Quartet and VHD), and composer. And the list of items to take care of and organize had grown substantially. But I shall manage somehow, in the end.

Here is an updated schedule of events which involve me playing the horn:

November 13-17, OPL, Tchaikovsky 2nd Symphony and Brahms 2nd Piano Concerto, in Luxembourg, on television, in Chalons and Grenoble in France.

November 23-28, OPL, music by Busoni, Kurtag abd Janacek

December 3-4, OPL, music by Gaubert, Tchaikovsky and Mahler 10, Luxembourg and Ettelbruck.

December 5, Recital and Lecture at the Trossingen State College of Music in Germany. Repertoire: Cherubini Sonata Nr. 2, Bozza En Foret, Beethoven Sonata, Turner “Entrada de los Caballeros”.

December 10-11, OPL, Brahms Violin Concerto and Rachmaninov Symphony Nr. 2, Luxembourg

December 11, Small Choral Christmas Concert.

December 13, Chamber music concert “Concert-ApĂ©ritif” at the Philharmonie, Glazanov Serenade for Horn and Strings Quartet, Turner Sonata for Horn and String Quartet.

December 15, Christmas Choral Concert “Lessons and Carols” at the Konvikt Centre, Luxembourg.

December 18, OPL, Prokofiev “Romeo and Julliette”, Rachmaninov “Symphonic Dances”.

January 6-8, OPL, Brahms Symphony Nr. 1, Piano Concerto Nr. 1

January 14-15, American Horn Quartet rehearsals in Luxembourg

February 4-7, Masterclasses and Concerto performance (Weber Concertino?) in Porto, Portugal.

February 11-12, OPL, Mahler Symphony Nr. 7.

February 22-March 7, American Horn Quartet, U.S. Tour.

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