Surprise Change in of Personnel for AHQ European Tour

Posted By on April 17, 2009

As I mentioned in the earlier blogs, there is a grand European tour for the American Horn Quartet approaching with great rapidity. I have been working on all of the hundreds details around the clock. Yet STILL there is always the unexpected which pops up when you least desire it to. In this case, it was the sudden illness of AHQ colleague David Johnson. I won`t provide any details in this blog, but it is a serious enough problem to cause him to cancel his participation in the aforementioned tour.

My first thought, of course, was of Kristina, with whom I have been concertizing at a very high level these past few years. In the past we have been quite successful with using Karl Pitoch of the Detroit Symphony as a replacement, once for Geof Winter and one time for Charles Putnam. Mr. Larry Johnson in Oregon has also stepped in and played my part on the Schumann Konzertstück, as has OPL colleague Nagy Myklos.

But my confidence in Kristina was such that I was prompted to put her forward as the main candidate for this tour. She has a huge pile of music to learn! But we tackled a good portion of it today and have the weekend to work on the remaining works. I shall be informing all of the concert organizers of this temporary change in personnel.

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