Nine Pieces for Solo Horn

Posted By on April 19, 2008

Back in October, 2005, I was commissioned by the Maritime Museum of Rotterdam to compose a piece for solo horn. It was to be a gift for the retiring curator of that fine museum, Mr. Coen Schimmelpinick van der Oye. After having finished his piece, which was entitled “Phantom Shanties” and is based on a few old dutch sea shanties, I was still feeling rather creative. So I began to write several more solo pieces, each one with a very different style than the others. These include “The Testament of Saladin”, “Crossing Union Square”, “Twelve-Tone Waltz” and “Echoes of Glastonbury”. I had already composed a small piece for solo horn back about a year ago. This piece was called “Caprice”. Then the horn player from France, Monsieur Herve Joulain, commissioned me to write an encore piece for him to use on his many solo engagements. Subsequently the piece “La Entrada de los Caballeros” was born. A few weeks thereafter, the trumpet player, Heather Madeira Ni, commissioned me to write a couple of pieces for her to perform at this year`s Chosen Vale International Trumpet Festival. Out came “The Hunt of the Cheetah” and “The Widow of Salamanca”. I composed these pieces with an eye for their possible inclusion in the compendium which was already almost complete. Indeed they work very well for horn and I play them myself. This makes all together a volume of nine.

I have decided to release a limited number of these volumes which I would like to offer here for sale. They have been printed properly using a Sibelius format and I have bound them into a book. Each piece is about three to four minutes in length and I have found them to be a delight to practice and play. The titles of the pieces are:

1. Caprice
2. Phantom Shanties
3. The Testament of Saladin
4. Crossing Union Square
5. Echoes of Glastonbury
6. Twelve-Tone Waltz
7. La Entrada de los Caballeros (The Entrance of the Cowboys)
8. La Viuda de Salamanca (The Widow of Salamanca)
9. La Chasse du Geopard (The Hunt of the Cheetah)

If you would like to order “Nine Pieces For Solo Horn”, send me an e-mail at:

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