TIME TO PASS IT ON! Looking for a teaching position.

Posted By on August 10, 2009

I would like to announce my interest in becoming a professor of horn and-or composition. I know it sounds a bit funny to put it like that. I have received a few very good offers throughout the past ten years or so, and I never accepted because I simply was not ready to teach. But after serious consideration and deep soul searching, I have finally arrived at a very comforting visualization of me teaching either horn, or composition or brass chamber music, or any combination of the three. During my 24 years with the AHQ, I have had the opportunity to teach or present masterclasses in horn and brass chamber music, and often times composition, at a multitude of institutes of higher learning, including the conservatories of music in Rotterdam, Zurich, Prague, Saarbr├╝cken, Dijon, Versailles, Oslo, Stockholm, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Cape Town, Manhattan Scool of Music, Julliard, University of North Texas, Florida State University, and many others.

It is however, a different thing to be in residence at one of these schools, as opposed to being the permanent teacher upon whom your students rely to assist them in their careers and goals. Quite frankly, my interest in the students was simply not keen enough to consider this path in my own career. I also had other responsibilities which occupied my full attention. It was just not an option. But this has gradually changed over the past year.

I am genuinely interested in the younger generation of horn players and composers and I recognize now the fact that I have an enormous amount of experience and knowledge to offer them. Students have been telling me this for years, but I myself didn`t really believe it. And now, I welcome with a satisfying smile, the possibility of passing on this plethora of experience and becoming sincerely involved in shaping the next generation of horn players and composers.

I don`t know how to proceed. I am posting this blog in the hopes that perhaps someone (the powers that be) will read it and consider my proposal. I would be happy to consider anything in most parts of the world. I can instruct well in English, German and French and my Italian isn`t half bad. Dutch and Spanish are also possible, but I would have to undertake measures of improvement to get them beyond tourist level.

If you know of any positions open or if you have any advice to offer, please do not hesitate to contact me at kdturner@pt.lu.

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