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Posted By on June 15, 2005

April 2 : We attended the dress rehearsal of the combined forces of the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics of Mahler’s 6th Symphony, which was organized on the occasion of Simon Rattle’s 50th birthday.

April 3 : The Viruoso Horn Duo performed a concert at the Kreuzkirche in Chemnitz. It was organized by Herr Franz Streuber of the Robert Schumann Philharmonie Chemnitz.

April 4: We traveled to Oederan, in Germany to Ricco Kühn’s workshop to have Kristina’s horn adjusted to her exact needs.

April 5 : I auditioned for the principal horn position of the Hessischer Rundfunk Orchestra (Frankfurt Radio). I’m not sure why I decided to take the audition, but it was an interesting experience. I played quite well. But I was informed afterwards (before I even told them my canditate number, by the way) that my vibrato would not fit in their section. Another horn section member there said they recodnized my playing straight away, which I thought was pretty cool! The comment about the vibrato was fair enough. I have incidently begun to cut down on the vibrato a tad.

April 14: There was an OPL concert here in Luxembourg.
April 15: There was a repeat of the OPL concert.

April 16: The AHQ performed a short concert at the Lautenbach Wohngemeinschaft, which is a commune for handicapped kids (and older kids as well). These residents were some of the most loveable and responsive people I have ever met. They all wanted to hug us after the concert! It was so sweet!

April 17: The AHQ performed a full concert to a wonderfully responsive and sold out crowd in Überlingen, Germany. We also did masterclasses and taught lessons there at the Regional Music School.

April 23 and 24: Kristina and I sang two concert with Intermdii down in Chevergny in Burgundy.

April 28: Also Sprach Zarathustra with the OPL. One of my very favorite works of music! James Galway played Mozart and Mancini on the first half.

April 29: Kristina and flew to Richmond, Virgina.

April 30 : The Viruoso Horn Duo performed and gave a masterclass at the Methodist in Newport News, Virgina. We were joined at the end of the day by members of the Airforce and Army bands and Thomas Jostlein on a performance of Take 9 Fanfare, Barbara Allen and Farewell to Red Castle.

May 1 : We attended a stunning performance of my new work for Cello, Horn and Piano entitled “The Scorpion in the Sand”. It was performed by Thomas Jostlein, Karsten Schmidt and James Wilson of the Richmond Chamber Music Society. I also gave a preconcert talk about the work.

May 3 : Kristina and I gave masterclasses at Commonwealth University in Richmond.

May 5 : Kristina and I were joined by Mr. Thomas Jostlein on a performance of the Concerto in D for Three Horns with the Richmond Symphony.

May 6 : Flight back to Luxembourg.

May 13: Performance of Hänsel and Gretel and the Bartok Concerto for Orchestra with Immanuel Krivine in Luzern, Switzerland. Kristina was working with the NDR Hannover Orchestra during this time.

May 15: I completed the last bars of my new work for 8 horns and percussion called “The Tears of Charlemagne”. It is a commissioned work by Carlolyn Blice.

June 4: The AHQ performed a concert in the Abteikirche in Otterberg, Germany (near Kaiserslautern). Kristina was working with the Liege Philharmonic during this time.

June 10-12: The AHQ performed several concerts and gave masterclasses in Poligny and Chevigny St.-Sauver near Dijon, France. The events were organized by Monsieur Pierre Clement-Gruet and was called “Cap sur le Cor”.

June 15-16: OPL performances of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherezade. Kristina will be working all week with the NDR Hannover Orchestra.

I am sorry I am not able to fill in more details. As you can see, I have been very busy! I have also been having computer troubles and we all know what that’s like.

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