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Posted By on September 9, 2007

Ah, back home at last! It was indeed a rather busy Summer vacation. In fact, it was only marginally a vacation at all. After about a week in my favorite city- New York- I flew down to Daytona Beach, Florida to teach, play at and generally participate in the 1st (what will now be) annual American Horn Quartet Summer Workshop. You know, it was truly a success. There were really great people there, horn players of all ages and levels, and it was a pleasure to coach them, listen to them play, and share any wisdom I may have acquired over my way-too-many-years of carrying a French horn around with me. There was a lot of my own music being played at this shin-dig, and that‘s always a cool thing. Yes indeed, a good time was had by all.

The day after the final concert in Daytona Beach, I flew over to my home city of San Antonio, Texas to be with my wife and son, brother and my mother and her husband. We were there during Tropical Storm Erin and spent much of the time out on my brothers porch, watching the rain fall down in a deluge while we remained dry up in his tree house-like apartment in downtown.

Kristina and I were granted one more free week in Manhattan before flying back across the big pond. During this last week, we watched soft ball in Central Park, ate Afghan and Burmese food and visited the museum and birthplace of one of my favorite American heroes, Theodore Roosevelt (they had his hat and sword from the charge up San Juan Hill on display there, you know).

One day after our arrival in Luxembourg, we were off to rehearse, once again, with those most curious lads of the AHQ. We were preparing for a concert in Lugano, Switzerland which was to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Dennis Brain. And you can read all about that in my next blog.

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